Hello and Welcome

Mission Statement

To provide a service user focussed and led community service involving partner agencies, volunteer organisations and fellowships so that every service user has access to support before they enter and after they leave structured treatment.


One of the recurring issues our service users told us about was that when they left structured service they felt that they were abandoned and many hung on to the service long after they could have been discharged because of this fear. Others told us that although they had dealt with their substance misuse issue this now highlighted the very real problems they had with their mental health. Others told us that they had no real clue how to rebuild their lives after years of substance misuse and mental ill health and still others said they felt so lonely because no-one understood what they had gone through.

From these discussions we began to build a view of what might be needed in the community. A recovery service, running alongside structured service, offering access to a variety of holistic interventions based on 5 wellbeing principles. General Wellbeing, Mindfully Well, Physically Well, Actively Well and Moving on Well. These 5 principles would form the basis of the foundation structure of the service and be administered by a variety of volunteers, partners and paid staff.


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