Whats new for May ?

Good evening all.

We have lots of exciting change here at Cambridgeshire Recovery Service, it’s been a very busy few months so please do excuse us for a lack of posting.

As the times and government announcements are changing, so are very much hoping to do more face-to-face work (you may see It as F2F on the timetable)

We would really love to start seeing more of your feedback around some of our groups

 Glow Fitness with Lou Knox 

join Lou https://www.facebook.com/groups/578065932802203/ Anyone joining can simply click the link to request to join!  lknox@glowfitnesswithlouknox.co.uk

 Auricular Acupuncture Cambridge/Wisbech/Huntingdon F2F coming soon – A type of acupuncture in which thin needles are inserted at specific points on the outer ear to control pain and other symptoms. It is thought that the outer ear contains a “map” of the whole body and that specific points on this map match up with certain parts of the body. for further information please email bex.poyser@cgl.org.uk

Foundation of life – Invitation only course for those who are totally abstinent from all substances, focusing on life after treatment and transitioning recovery into daily life. Please email Tracy.thompson@cgl.org.uk

Arts groups Cambridge/Wisbech F2F – A space to bring out your more creative side, you don’t need to be an artist, enjoy the therapeutic value of being creative. Contact emma.william@cgl.org.uk

Walking group Cambridge F2F – The meeting point for every Friday in May will be Newnham Croft coffee kiosk area ‘Crofters” at 11.30 am. contact Claire.brear@cgl.org.uk or telephone 07341431854

Bushcraft and Walking with Find Your Wild Huntingdon F2F 12th May –7th July- Join our friendly group for gentle walking and nature-based activities- Contact Lucy.telfer@cgl.org.uk

Wellness with Naomi- Focusing on, yoga, mindfulness and nutrition, start your Monday off calm and focused.- Contact Bex.poyser@cgl.org.uk

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