What it is like …..

This post was shared with Cambridgeshire Recovery Service, it was written by one of our community members, in the hope that their experience may help others who are struggling to enter into mental health services while they are also experiencing substance misuse issues.

 I first attempted support from the wellbeing service over a year ago in 2019 but I was declined support as I suffer with alcohol abuse issues.

Although I had been with Change Grow Live (alcohol support) for 2 years at the time, that did not seem to be important, in fact, it felt as though I was an alcoholic and that was it……………………………………………………………………….

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Whats new for May ?

Good evening all.
We have lots of exciting change here at Cambridgeshire Recovery Service, it’s been a very busy few months so please do excuse us for a lack of posting.

As the times and government announcements are changing, so are very much hoping to do more face-to-face work (you may see It as F2F on the timetable)
We would really love to start seeing more of your feedback around some of our groups


A polite reminder

Kindness Reminder — Instagram Post by Recovery Service

I’d just like to remind everyone who joins the Zoom groups that we have guidelines in place to ensure everyone feels safe and valued:

“Welcome to the Cambridge Recovery Service group!
Below is our group agreement. Please take a moment to read through.
1. Please don’t attend under the influence.
2. Keep the discussion recovery-focused.
3. Be respectful and mindful of others.
4. What happens in the group stays in the group.
5. For the safety of everyone attending, please be aware that any safeguarding issues will be discussed with the team.
If you are unable to stick to the agreement, you will be asked to leave the group.”

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Cat People – Media Power Hour

for this week’s Media Power Hour 7/10/20 Will be discussing Cat People’ Watch it for free on iPlayer & join us this Wednesday at 18:30 to share your thoughts.  See you there! https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0078ns6/cat-people

Update for Covid-19

As the news becomes ever more grim about the upsurge in Covid cases I just wanted to let people know that CGL and The Cambridgeshire Recovery Service remains open for business

Reconnection – Issue 14

Our fourteenth issue is celebrating Pride and the LGBTQ+ community. In this issue, you can read about key points in LGBTQ+ history, a dictionary of gender & sexuality terms and our take on how to be a good ally to theLGBTQ+ community.