Saturday 27th March – Debates !

Our second debating session. At the first we concluded that “Cats are better than Dogs (boo hiss)”, The world is not flat (close decision), and “Pineapple on Pizza is Great” There was a minor glitch when both Teams were assigned to argue the case for Ninjas over Pirates … This week we will start with … Read more

The Window—Group Art Project

Last year, during a time when we were unable to be together, we hoped the window project would be able to bring us closer.  A simple window template sparked limitless creativity!  See a gallery of the work we have received so far by selecting Group Wok/Window Project from the main menu.  When we are finally … Read more

Rarebit – Grandma Evans Welsh

Contributed by LE My Grandma Evans never wrote down her recipes. She never made ‘cheese on toast’. She made Welsh Rabbit. She made it for us grandkids without stout or ale and altered the ingredients depending on whatever she had in the house at the time. And I definitely remember her calling it “rabbit”, not … Read more