A polite reminder

Kindness Reminder — Instagram Post by Recovery Service

I’d just like to remind everyone who joins the Zoom groups that we have guidelines in place to ensure everyone feels safe and valued:

“Welcome to the Cambridge Recovery Service group!
Below is our group agreement. Please take a moment to read through.
1. Please don’t attend under the influence.
2. Keep the discussion recovery-focused.
3. Be respectful and mindful of others.
4. What happens in the group stays in the group.
5. For the safety of everyone attending, please be aware that any safeguarding issues will be discussed with the team.
If you are unable to stick to the agreement, you will be asked to leave the group.”

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Tues 8 Dec @ 8 pm – Obscurer Things

Tuesday evenings 8 – 9 pm


Technology and Inventions*
Zoom 723 551 1005

*bizarre, fascinating or otherwise interesting technology and inventions

For example:

osseointegration – prosthetics operated directly by the brain

a lunar space elevator constructed with materials like carbyne (nanowire with perfectly aligned carbon atoms) that will connect the Earth to the moon

Clarence Birdseye – wonder what he invented?