Reconnection – Issue 9

This week is National Volunteers Week! Our ninth issue is celebrating the wonderful volunteers who work selflessly and tirelessly across the county to keep the service running smoothly and support our service users with their own lived experience. You can read some of their amazing stories and why volunteering is so good for our physical and emotional wellbeing. Read about how you can get involved with what’s happening at the Recovery service.

Reconnection – Issue 8

Issue #8 This weeks topic focuses on the different ways we are experiencing these strange times.
We will be sharing some of our own thoughts and feelings on the current situation as well as looking at ten key elements to help strengthen and maintain healthy relationships with others in our lives.

Reconnection – Issue 7

This week’s topic is emotion regulation,you can read about our favourite programmes to make us smile, parenting during the pandemic and a discussion of all things emotion regulation! We hope this can help support your emotional health and give ideas for coping strategies if you are struggling.

Reconnection – Issue 6

Issue #6 is all about FOOD! Readabout gut health and mood, someof our volunteers and service users’ favourite foods and the new Luncheon club at CGL in Hull! There are also additions to our resources section.

Reconnection – Issue 5

Issue 5 This week’s issue is focused on recognising where we are at with our mental health and finding coping strategies to support us during this time. You can read about our traffic light system, try out some dialectical behaviour therapy skills and read about mindfulness for good mental health.

Reconnection – Issue 4

Issue 4 is the second of a two-part series dedicated to increasing our wellbeing whilst staying safe at home. This week you can read our tips for working from home, how to start a happiness journal, and prac-tice a ‘yoga for sleep’ routine.

Reconnection – Issue 3

Issue 3 is the first of a two-part series dedicated to increasing our wellbeing whilst staying safe at home. This week you can read about the benefits of practicing Yoga, why laughter is so good for our mood and why good sleep hygiene is so important for our health.

Reconnection – Issue 2

This week’s issue is dedicated to celebrating all of our furry (and fur-less) friends! Read about the power of having pets as therapy, the brilliant and inspiring work of Guide Dogs UK and get to meet some of our treasured Pets in Paws for Thought!

Reconnection – Issue 1

As we all adjust to the new norm for a while, its important that we stay connected and support one another as much as we can. The aim of this newsletter is to help us do just that.
Every week we will work together to compile any useful, interesting, entertaining and uplifting content that we hope will help brighten each others week.