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Next Meeting: Thursday 15 April, at 14:30.

We will be looking at the following.

Flash Settings:

Simple cameras and phones should have an in-built flash with options to enable or disable the flash only.

More advanced may allow for external flash units and may have additional options such as flash synchronization.

We will look at these and why and when you should choose them.

Multiple Exposures:

Some cameras have the option to expose 2, or more, exposures in a single picture.  Alternatively you can create these using separate pictures in external software such as GIMP.

We will look at how to create these and why you may want to.


We are running a competition, the subject is ‘recovery in lock-down’.  Winners will get their images printed onto 10″ x 8″ canvases.  The best entries will also appear on this website.   To enter send us an email:

Make sure the title includes “Competition Entry”.

Ensure the body of the the text gives us permission to use your image and confirms this is your own work.  It should also give us your real name and  let us know if you would like us to use a pseudonym instead of your real name as this work will be visible to the general public.  For example:

My name is Warren Hill.  This is  my  own work and I am  happy for you to use it on the website and, should I be one of the winners print it on canvas for display.  I am not not happy with using my real name so please use my pseudonym “Stormageddon”.

Also include a one or two paragraph description explaining why this helps in your recovery.  It could be your hobby or anything else.

Attach your image which should be between 750 and 3000 pixels wide.  The height to be scaled accordingly, for example 750×600  or 3000×2400 pixels.

Closing Date: To be determined

Images submitted on or before this date will be placed on this website.  You will then have the opportunity to choose your favourite,  either by e-mailing the group, or at the following meeting (April 29).

Notes and Tutorial files

01 Camera Basics Download
02 GIMP: Basics. Download
03 GIMP: Selections. Download