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Creative Instinct

Creativity knows no bounds and our Creative Instinct team have been working artistically hard to launch our new collection of works created by people within our recovery community.

View our digital book here!

For physical copies please contact Emma:

Read below to discover the impact this book has had within our community.

Creative Instinct

Creative Instinct Book launched across all of our Recovery Cafes in April 2024. 

Creative Instinct is a celebration of what creativity means to recovery. 

Creativity isn't just art or paintings, it's recipes, nurturing plants, sculpting clay, making music and podcasts. Creativity can be just about anything that we make. 

The Creative Instinct Book is really about showcasing and bringing together all of the creativity produced within our community, either in our group workspaces or at home and presenting that back to people to see how their unique talents, interests and expressions merge together to make our creative community so vibrant. We are made up of each and every one of our members and they all bring something different and unique.

What does Creativity mean to Recovery? 

One of our community members wrote "this space has helped me rekindle my arty side and throw how I feel on a canvas. Rather than wasting time and money on stupid stuff, I put it into my art - the good stuff". Another of our community members said "I work on my recovery so that I can be the arty, creative, vibrant person I am in my soul". 

Many of our members commented on the friendships and support network they experience in our community "it's great to be surrounded by like minded people" and "wonderful group of humans".

Others commented on how our Recovery Cafe's and creative spaces help their mental health "the Wisbech Recovery Cafe helps me feel worthwhile and improves my mental health" said one member. Another wrote "the recovery cafes help me stay sober, helps my mental health and wellbeing". 

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Creative Instinct Book, exhibited work at our launch events, shared their story for our Creative Instinct Podcast Productions and has turned up to our Creative Instinct workshops. A special thanks to Emma, Jamie, Pete and Tamzyn for their own creativity and dedication to producing platforms to showcase our creative community. 

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