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Creative Instinct Gallery

Take a look at some of the projects and workshops we have run in our

Creative Instinct community and experience what creativity means to recovery.

Want to be involved?

Creative Instinct runs weekly at our Wisbech, Huntingdon

and Cambridge Recovery Cafe's.

Creative Instinct Launch Events

Our newest publication 'Creative Instinct' launched in April 2024. All art and creativity included in the publication was produced by members of our community. 

Mixed Gallery

A gallery of mixed media workshops and projects from our creative community over the last 2 years. Creative Instinct is an welcoming open invitation for people of all artistic abilities to embrace what creativity means to recovery. 

Van Gogh Inspired Mini Masterpieces!

These Van Gogh inspired mini canvas paintings using acrylic are still being worked on. We can't wait to see how they turn out.

Doodle Boards!

On weeks where we don't run structured workshops our doodle boards are rolled out onto tables. They offer our community a relaxed space that puts people at ease and gives them the freedom to doodle on the long canvas as they sit and speak within the group. Our doodle boards have been around a while now. We hope to finish them soon.


Botanical theme – Huntingdon

Tribal vibe – Wisbech

The intricate mix – Cambridge

Experimenting With Clay

Sculpting, carving and painting clay.

Experimenting with clay ran over a number of weeks. We provided materials for our community to sculpt and carve their own creative projects.


Some weeks we ran autuminal or animal themes and other weeks we worked on longer-term projects.


We loved seeing the progress of these creations from clay to colourful and detailed master pieces.