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Our Mission & Values


Together we will build a sustained, holistic and purposeful lifelong recovery from addiction.

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Cambridgeshire Recovery Service is a community led by those in recovery. Cambridgeshire Recovery Service exists as a stepping stone to help you and your loved ones build a bridge between alcohol and drug dependency and a fulfilling and purposeful life. Our community provides a space to learn, develop and use recovery tools in the setting of your everyday life. 

We understand that learning something in theory and actually applying it can take practice.  We are here to support you connect to yourself and others while adapting to a life in recovery.


Our Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to inspire resilience and purpose within yourself and help you grow beyond our community.

We love what we do and the members of our community.  We act as a method of transportation from one place to another: Addiction to Recovery.  It is our goal that all our community members grow to a point where they no longer need us, no matter how long that takes. 

Our Values: 

Our values work together, as principles that guide the way we act and the choices we make as an organisation. 

Creative – Working together to build a responsive service led by those in recovery.

Community – Building an inclusive recovery community.  A safe space to be yourself and connect with others.

Opportunity – Empowering you to make achievable changes.  To identify and grow into who you want to be.

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