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Friends & Family Support

Are you affected by a loved one's drug / alcohol use? 

Would you like to speak to someone about mental health concerns? 

We are here for confidential support.

Join us online or face to face at one of our Friends and Family groups specifically for friends or family members affected by a loved ones substance use. 

To see our Friends and Family group dates please view our online calendar:

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Read an article about our Friends & Family group from people who have been there. 

Friends and Family FAQ

Read our frequently asked questions about our Friends and Family Services:

What groups do you provide for Friends and Family?

Friends and Family can access our support groups either online or in person. Please see information below about our online groups and in person groups. 

How do I access online groups? 

We have 2 online groups for Friends and Family:

Our Wednesday group runs weekly between 2pm - 4pm.

We also have a group that runs on the 2nd Saturday of each month between 10:30am - 11:30am. 

Both of our online groups run on Zoom - ID: 723 551 1005

Please check our calendar for more information on dates, times and links to our online groups. 

How do I access Face to Face groups? 

Our Face to Face group runs in Cambridge every other Monday between 6:30pm - 8:30pm at The Edge Cafe. 


The Edge Cafe

351 Mill Road



For more information on this group please contact Gail from The Edge Cafe: or visit:

Who are Friends and Family groups for?

Our Friends and Family groups are specifically for anyone (over 18) who has a loved one affected by drugs and alcohol. We understand that substance use has a wider impact on the people around the person using substances, our Friends and Family groups provide friends and family with a safe and confidential space to talk about your concerns and feelings. We offer a supportive community and can help direct you to other services that may be able to assist you. 

What if my loved one isn’t in treatment?

Friends and family can attend this group regardless of whether their loved one is in recovery with Cambridgeshire Recovery Service or any other organisation.

Are you open on Bank Holidays?

Our groups do not run on bank holidays. Occasionally we may host an alternative group, event or activities on bank holidays. These will be advertised on our social media (Facebook and Instagram) accounts. Information about bank holiday events are also included in our monthly newsletter. Click here to subscribe.

Can you support me with Social Care?

We are an open recovery community and are not able to attend meetings with social care or feedback on attendance.

Can you provide drug testing/ breathalysing?

We do not offer drug testing or breathalysing.

Do I have to pay?

We are a charity organisation and receive our funding from Change Grow Live

We do not charge fees to attend our groups. 

Have a question we haven't answered? 

Please check our FAQ Page or contact us with your query by filling in our contact form or email us directly at

Group Agreement for Cambridgeshire Recovery Service

Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA)

(ACA)/Dysfunctional Families is a Twelve Step, Twelve Tradition program of people who grew up indysfunctional homes.

We meet to share our experience of growing up in an environment where abuse, neglect and trauma infected us.

This affects us today and influences how we deal with all aspects of our lives.



Al-Anon Family Groups are for the families & friends of alcoholics who share their experience ,strength, & hope in order to solve their common problems.


Al-Anon Helpline: 0800 0086 811

Free phone. Talk to a member in confidence 7 days a week. 


Adfam is a national charity tackling the effects of alcohol, drug use or gambling on family members and friends.


Telephone 07442 137421 / 07552986887

(please note we do not operate a helpline - see help for families for further information)


Support for children of parents with substances misuse issues.

Telephone Helpline: 0333 4141809


Ready to join our community?

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